Why Proper Packaging Matters

Any company that sells products knows just how much of a difference proper packaging makes. The packaging for an item is your chance to create a great first impression on customers who might never have heard of your product before, and as the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Here are just a few of the biggest reasons why it’s important to take your packaging seriously and why good packaging matters in Los Angeles, CA:

  • It protects the product: First and foremost, packaging is what shields your product against the rest of the world, including the elements, people’s prying hands and potential contamination (depending on the type of product). It protects the product from physical impacts, and also shields it from getting wet during transportation. This physical barrier is more important to have with some products than others, but is worth mentioning.
  • It prevents products from going bad: Certain types of products have expiration dates, or will begin to go bad when exposed to the air. Obviously, this is a major issue in the food industry—there are many rules in place for proper packaging of food items of all types. When you have perishable products, proper packaging is absolutely crucial, both for the quality of your product and for compliance with federal regulations.
  • It provides useful information: Your packaging provides a lot of useful information for potential customers, including its weight, price, use-by date, ingredients, name of the company and any other details about the product that will help the buyer make an informed purchase decision. You can quickly and easily disseminate all of this information essentially on the product itself thanks to high-quality packaging.
  • It is a branding opportunity: Packaging and branding in Los Angeles, CA go hand in hand. They give you an opportunity to use your brand’s colors and images, so people who are new to your company will associate your brand with a specific logo or color scheme. You can add tag lines or slogans to packaging, and even add testimonials.
  • It provides convenience: This is another benefit that is particular to the food industry, but can be a factor in other industries as well. With food, packaging provides a lot of convenience, because it provides drinks or snacks in pre-portioned sizes, allowing people to eat or drink on the go while they go about their everyday lives. Many people looking for items to grab and go while on their way to work or school prefer items that have already been pre-packaged.
  • It can be sustainable: There are plenty of opportunities today to create environmentally-friendly packaging. In fact, many eco-conscious consumers specifically purchase products that use sustainable packaging because they’re attempting to reduce their carbon footprint.

For more information about the various benefits of packaging and why good packaging matters in Los Angeles, CA, we encourage you to contact the team at Imperial Paper Co. today. We’d be glad to answer any questions you have about the finer points of packaging!

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