Custom Point of Purchase (POP) Displays

Point of purchase displays (POP) are marketing or advertising materials placed near the product it’s promoting. They are printed or digital displays used in the retail industry to catch customers’ attention and encourage them to make favorable purchasing decisions. 

Imperial Paper provides a range of custom options for your POP display needs. Our custom point of purchase displays feature high-quality visual graphics and stable construction to ensure your products stand out from the rest of the competition.


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Choosing the Best Point of Purchase Display for Retail Use

There are several types of POP displays available. Some factors to consider when selecting one include your budget, the duration the display will stay in your store, and the products you are advertising. 

The four POP displays types include:

  • Countertop Displays: Countertop displays are ideal for use in the smallest of spaces. They are typically placed at a vantage position next to the cash register to attract the shopper’s attention as they leave the store.
  • Floor Displays:  Floor displays come as a cardboard display placed in the aisle of a store and next to the item it is marketing. They are placed to stop a customer on their stroll down an aisle and pull them to the nearby shelves. 
  • Pallet Displays: Pallet displays are ideal for advertising large product volumes for quick sales. They can come in different sizes, including quarter, half, and full pallet designs, and are custom made to order.
  • Dump Bins: These POP displays are ideal for smaller items that shoppers can grab easily. These included DVDs, candy, gum, and more.

POP Displays Materials 

There are numerous materials for POP displays, including:

  • Corrugated cardboard: Cardboard is more affordable than other options such as plastic and metal. Cardboard also enables a much quicker setup, allowing for more rapid implementation of a new merchandising strategy. It is also easy to assemble, highly durable, and eco-friendly.
  • PVC material: PVC is an opaque material that comes mostly in white or black colors, though it’s still available in other shades. PVC is more cost-effective compared to other materials such as acrylic. It is also lightweight, making it cost-effective to ship. PVC also works well with graphic applications like direct printing. Other advantages of PVC include high strength, unmatched durability, and more versatility.

Innovative & Effective POP Displays Solutions From Imperial Paper

At Imperial Paper, we understand that proper packaging and presentation are integral to a successful marketing strategy. We are committed to providing you with packaging design services that stand out from the rest. Our experts leverage the latest design and fabrication technologies that enable us to offer high-quality products at highly competitive prices. Apart from unmatched custom design, customers also choose us for reliable packaging manufacturing in Los Angeles, CA.

We offer both in-house design services and flexo and litho printing—all backed by our tenured expertise in merchandising. Our goal is for your products to succeed, and we will go out of the way to provide custom POP displays that meet your specific marketing needs. Bring your concept or application to us today, and let us get to work on a creative, effective solution that works for you.

Custom Point of Purchase Displays Made Simple

We offer a highly simplified procedure to produce your display quickly: 

  • Step 1: Design: Select your product and choose from existing designs or have our designers custom make one for you.
  • Step 2: Price: Once your design is completed and approved, you will get the pricing range.
  • Step 3: Delivery: Place the order, and we will deliver your product to your warehouse.


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