Ideas for Choosing the Best Packaging for Your Product

You know that your latest product needs eye-catching, functional packaging that sets it apart from other products on the physical or virtual shelves. After all, packaging is a surprisingly crucial factor in whether the product takes off and is a hit with consumers. That means you need to pay close attention to all the details and come up with something that fits your brand perfectly.

But how do you know which custom packaging in Los Angeles, CA is going to be the best choice for your business? Read on to find out more about how to develop packaging plans that will work, and why partnering with the pros for this process makes a whole lot of sense:

  • Budget: This is an important first step, as it will guide which packaging materials you want to use, along with the scope of design. Something upscale like glass or natural fibers may be a good choice for high-end products that want to wow consumers. However, glass is somewhat less functional, as it’s liable to break. Budget-friendly options include cardboard and recycled materials. Consider which is a good fit for your product and how it will impact your bottom line.
  • Transportation: How will the packaging stand up to transport? No matter how beautiful your logo or design is, the packaging needs to be durable enough so that by the time it reaches the shelves, it’s still looking great. You also want to make sure that it can endure months on shelves at a store or factory, so adding a print finish to protect against UV rays is a smart idea. While it’s a bit more expensive upfront, it pays off, as you won’t have to pay for damaged goods later.
  • Sustainability: Using packaging that’s the right size for the product—not too much or too little—is a good start. You may want to choose recycled materials or flexible film for products that have a longer shelf life.
  • Design and branding: Packaging is a key part of the marketing process. You want your product to be immediately recognized by customers and to reinforce positive ideas about the brand. Give careful consideration to the design of the package and create an eye-catching design that will sway customers immediately.

Having the best custom product packaging in Los Angeles, CA is essential for the success of your business. With this in mind, you should go with a name that’s been trusted for more than three decades: Imperial Paper Co. We’ve helped a wide range of businesses in the development and production of custom packaging and promotional products. Our scope of capabilities includes custom packaging, displays, packaging design, custom boxes and more. We put our wide-ranging expertise to work for our customers, with results that are completely tailored to their needs.

Our ability to design and produce effective packaging and promotional products in Los Angeles, CA has made us the go-to expert when your project or application demands a unique, tailored solution. Give Imperial Paper Co. a call to day to set up a free consultation with our experts!

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