Folding Cartons

Custom-designed folding cartons made from quality materials offer an effective way to package products while displaying attractive colors, graphics, and brand information. At Imperial Paper, we manufacture multiple different styles of folding cartons that can accommodate differently shaped products. Our folding cartons can be customized to fit your products while increasing shelf appeal and boosting consumer experience.

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Folding Cartons


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Folding cartons are an easy-to-assemble packaging option that feature good structural integrity and options for high-quality, eye-catching printing. The cartons are manufactured as flat sheets of paper, pressboard, or sulfate board with foldable panels and flaps to securely enclose goods.

Folding cartons can hold products such as cereal, arts and crafts products, electronics, and other consumer goods that weigh a few pounds or less. After manufacturers produce and print the folding cartons, assembly machinery or workers can then assemble the three-dimensional box and fill it with the appropriate goods or packages either at the same site or at a production center.


There are many different types of folding cartons that have unique designs, styles, or materials. Common types of folding cartons include:


RTE, or ‘Reverse Tuck End,’ cartons have top and bottom sections that swing closed in opposite directions to add greater reinforcement to the structure. The boxes are simple to assemble, making them a convenient option for manual and automated assembly processes, and they can easily hold goods across multiple industries.


STE, or ‘Straight Tuck End,’ cartons have simple top and bottom panels that tuck into the front or back of the box to close. These are commonly used for holding retail goods and can have optional features like clear front displays or transparent windows.


TTAB, or ‘Tuck Top, Auto Bottom,’ cartons are open boxes that are fast and easy to assemble. However, they can be pricey. These cartons are ideal for in-store displays and holding multiple unit containers for sale.

Seal End

Seal end cartons have side seams for high-speed assembly and filling. The edges of the boxes are sealed with adhesives for a strong and long-lasting structure. Seal end cartons are a popular option, so they are available in a wide range of sizes and have optional features like small transparent windows.


RETT boxes are single-piece constructions that don’t need tape for assembly. RETT folding cartons also offer double-layer protection on the sides and bottom of the box.


Along with these popular options, there are several standard types of folding cartons that can be customized in infinite ways to meet various needs.


The versatility and many other benefits of folding cartons make them popular across several industries and applications. Some of the most common applications for our folding cartons include:

  • Beverage containers
  • Electronics packaging
  • Food containers (including dry food and packaged food)
  • Gift boxes
  • Hardware packaging
  • Marketing and display materials
  • Packaging for detergents and powdered cleaners


Packaging materials often make the first impression on shoppers. At Imperial Paper, we can provide a wide range of custom folding cartons, including RTE, STE, TTAB, Seal End, RETT, and more. We’re here to help your product put its best foot forward with sturdy, high-quality folding cartons. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities or request a quote to get started on your custom folding carton solution.