How Does Product Packaging Make an Impact on Your Brand?

Packaging is a more essential part of marketing than you might think. It’s that last step that either convinces a customer to buy something or, in the case of a shipped product, makes that all-important first impression. Cheap or poorly-designed packaging simply doesn’t cut it for today’s consumers. If you want to make an impact, be memorable and grow your business, then having excellent packaging is a great place to start.

As you’re getting started, though, you need to find a supplier for product packaging in Los Angeles, CA that meets your needs. After all, establishing your brand is essential for maintaining a solid base of loyal customers. Read on to find out more about the link between packaging and branding:

  • Branded packaging: Customers are going to associate your name and reputation with your packaging. Take Apple, for example—they’re known for sleek white packaging that highlights their brand’s premium and hip vibe. The packaging itself is almost as important as the quality technological product inside. It allows the company to separate itself from competitors and for the brand to stick in the customer’s mind.
  • Secure packaging: The most basic thing packaging does is secure the product. Who’s going to buy something that’s ripped open or damaged? The fact is that if you choose a cut-rate packaging supplier, you’re likely to get a low-quality product. The last thing you want is the package busting open during transport. You can also choose packaging that’s environmentally friendly and reflects your company’s values.
  • Consumer traits: Colors and packaging design can have a big effect on how people perceive your business. You need to carefully consider what colors you’re using and how they associate with your brand. For example, take breakfast cereals—louder, more colorful packaging is linked with kids’ cereals, while simpler and more basic packaging is attached to healthier cereals marketed toward adults. Also, consumers make associations between products and packaging. White may be linked to cleaning products, and black may appear with high-end products.
  • Information: Packaging is a great opportunity to educate the consumer about why your product beats the competition. Maybe you’re competing on price or you’re providing convenience. Whatever the case may be, a punchy phrase or two on the packaging can provide that last bit of inspiration for the customer to buy it.

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