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This place conquers its area. The place is so big it's divided into an office and a factory. They sell everything that relates to packaging. They offer bags, tape, boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts and much more. Their items come in all sizes and the the business has a huge inventory. The best part about the business is that they can customize pieces packaging with your design, shape, etc for literally anything!
Jonny F.
Beverly Hills, CA
Need boxes, these people are your go to! …Yelp says I need 44 more characters I don't think anything else needs to be said other than Just go here!
K D.
Los Angeles, CA
Amazing experience! Great customer service. Bought moving boxes and tape. They sell all shapes & sizes of boxes.
Carrie B.
Los Angeles, CA
These guys have everything you need to wrap a show or pack a house. No cheap lowes supplies here. No need to double up the tape or reinforce the boxes. Just quality supplies, from bubble wrap, paper, tape guns, to ALL size boxes. It your one stop shop for all your packing needs.
T. Scott E.
Burbank, CA
This place really has it all. My first time checking this place out I knew I'd be a returning customer. Amazing prices and very helpful staff. They had a wide range of boxes, packing peanuts and different grades of tape. Recommend this place to everyone in the area!
Scott C.
Fairfax, Los Angeles, CA
This place is sweet and the staff is crazy professional. So many different boxes to choose from and a wide range of packing material! If you're moving or need to mail something fragile, this place literally has it all. Street parking at the businesses doorstep! I'll definitely be back!
Yaz F.
West Hollywood, CA
This place is great. The prices were half of what I paid at several other places in Hollywood for packing supplies and when they didn't have what I needed, they got it for me by 8 am the next day!
Chris C.
Los Angeles, CA
I loved this place. Needed to move, and after price check, this was the most cost effective place I found, with everything I needed in the same place. The customer service was wonderful, and it really helped reduce the stress of the moving for me.
Monica F.
Santa Monica, CA
Don was incredibly patient with my desire to get a larger box made and gave me a general quote over the phone to help me get an idea of what we were in for. Seems like reasonable prices too -- will update review after get some products from them!
Santa Monica, CA
Imperial Paper has it all! Boxes in every size you can imagine, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, tapes, bags, the list goes on! They even make custom packaging for your products with your design! Friendly staff who always exceeds my expectations! Been coming here for years and have referred tons of ppl!
Jonny F
Santa Monica, CA
Great customer Service and very good quality. The new employee was very helpful Thank you, we will buy again
Ara Sarkis
Santa Monica, CA
friendly, experienced knowledge staff and great pieces !
Rachel McGovern
Santa Monica, CA
Shipping supplies and very friendly people!
Edward Shim
Santa Monica, CA