How Custom Shipping Boxes Can Actually Make Shipping Easier

Custom shipping boxes take your branding to the next level—they make it more of an “experience,” and something for your customers to get excited about. You know that packaging matters when it comes to selling goods, but it also matters for shipping. When your custom shipping boxes appear in someone’s mailbox, you’re creating anticipation and brand recognition, and showing your customer that details matter.

In addition to looking great and cementing your brand, custom boxes in Los Angeles, CA can actually make shipping easier. Instead of experimenting with a variety of standard boxes, which may be unsuitable, you’ll always have the right shipping box for your specific products.

The Benefits of Custom Shipping Boxes

When you’re running a business that depends on ecommerce, you don’t get the benefit of face-to-face interactions with customers. That’s why your shipping process needs to be flawless. Not only can custom shipping boxes be part of your marketing and customer experience, but they’ll also make things easier on you. Here’s how custom shipping boxes can make your business run smoothly:

  • Eliminate guesswork: When you choose custom boxes designed for your specific products, you can rest assured that you’ll always have the right size and strength box for getting your products safely to the customer.
  • Create a custom experience: Even if you have a brick-and-mortar store, shopping online is safe, convenient and ubiquitous today. Having unique packaging helps generate customer excitement and shows an attention to detail that your clients will remember.
  • Improve your marketing: Have you seen the proliferation of “unboxing” videos on YouTube? Custom shipping boxes aren’t just great for showing you care about one specific customer—they also increase the possibility that your customers will share their packaging on social media. This type of word-of-mouth advertising is priceless!

How to Choose Your Custom Shipping Box

When you’re ready to design your custom boxes, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Type of product: What you sell will affect what kind of packaging you need. Heavy or fragile items might need boxes, but lighter items are ideal for custom-printed bubble mailers.
  • Average order size: Consider your sales data. What do customers buy the most—and how much do they buy? This can help you choose a few box sizes to cover the majority of your orders. This also helps cut down on cost, since you’ll be able to order in bulk.
  • Graphic designer: Ideally, you should choose a designer who has experience with package design—someone who knows how to take a plain box and choose the right colors, images and lines so that it will be eye-catching, yet still efficient.
  • Choosing a printer: Be sure to work with a reputable company that has a dedication to customer service—like Imperial Paper Co. We’ve been helping businesses achieve their marketing and design goals since 1963.

For more information about selecting mailing and shipping supplies for your business, including custom boxes in Los Angeles, CA, contact the team at Imperial Paper Co. today. We’re excited to help you create the kind of packaging customers can get excited about!

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