Have You Ever Heard of Brand Identity?

No matter which industry you’re in, you’ve likely had more than one person stress the importance of your brand. More than just a simple logo, modern brands have evolved into a whole new animal. Today’s brands not only indicate who made a given product, but also convey the company’s philosophy and fundamental identity. If you haven’t put much thought into your company’s brand identity in Los Angeles, CA, you could be doing your business a grave disservice.

Brand identity explained

Before you can understand the value of a brand identity, you have to know what a brand is. In its most basic form, a brand is just a logo. It’s the words and symbols you place on your products and your packaging that constitute your company’s brand.

Your logo is your brand. Your brand identity is the story that the logo tells and the emotions it stirs within potential consumers.

How do I incorporate brand identity into my logo?

Creating the right brand identity requires several steps. The first, and most critical, is crafting a logo that combines its images, lettering and colors to reinforce your brand’s services and personality. For example, travel accommodation company Airbnb uses a semi-abstract “A” created from one continuous curving line. The Bélo, as the company calls it, is either white against a bold pink background, or pink on a plain white background.

Not only is the Bélo eye-catching, but the continuous swooping line imparts a sense of cohesiveness, of community, that’s core to the Airbnb experience. What’s more, the use of a unique pink underscores Airbnb’s quest to convince customers to break free of the traditional hotel experience.

What steps can I take to build my brand identity outside graphics?

The most critical aspect of your brand identity is your product itself—its strength and quality. Beyond that fundamental component, however, there’s plenty that an enterprising entrepreneur can do to build their business’ brand identity outside of both the logo and the product itself.

Starbucks is an excellent example of a high-level corporation building its brand identity through action. The company’s CEO has spoken out on several public issues, from worker’s conditions to women’s rights. Not all of the moves have worked—including a particularly disastrous attempt to begin a public conversation on race—but every step Starbucks has taken into the realm of social justice has further cemented the company’s identity as a combatant for the everyday person.

Put the right touch on your brand identity

Your brand identity is being built every day, with every unit sold, but you can do more to take control of the public’s perception of your business. Imperial Paper Co. has 35 years of experience helping companies of all shapes and sizes, all starting with the question, “What is your brand identity in Los Angeles, CA?”

When you need packaging design that’s customized to fit your company’s goals, Imperial Paper Co. is the team you can trust. Throughout the community, our name is synonymous with quality. Doesn’t your company deserve to put its best foot forward? Contact Imperial Paper Co. or stop by today to find out what we can do for you.

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