What Are RETT Boxes?

At Imperial Paper, we are a designer and manufacturer of custom packaging and promotional products. Our extensive experience and advanced equipment enable us to deliver quality packaging solutions at competitive prices. One of our core product offerings is roll end tuck top (RETT) boxes

Roll End Tuck Top (RETT) Boxes

As suggested by the name, RETT boxes are designed to open and close by tucking the top piece inside of the box. The piece consists of a large top panel and a small front panel. It is connected to the back panel, which allows it to open and close by pivoting along one axis and ensures the front panel fits between the two side panels. While tucking in the front panel closes the box, tape or a label should be applied if the box needs to be securely sealed. 

These boxes are similar to roll end front tuck (REFT) boxes. The main difference is that REFT boxes have a front panel with additional rounded flaps on the sides. These flaps are designed to tuck into the front of the box’s main body, preventing the top from opening unintentionally. 

Advantages of RETT Boxes

There are many advantages to choosing this style of box for packaging products. For example: 

  • It is efficient to load in a production line. Unlike REFT boxes, RETT boxes do not have a built-in locking mechanism. As a result, production line workers do not have to worry about folding in the extra flaps, which allows them to finish loading contents into the boxes much faster. 
  • It is suitable for industrial uses. The double layer of corrugated material at the bottom and sides of RETT boxes provides additional support and stability, which enables these containers to withstand use in rougher conditions. For this reason, they are commonly used for master packing and kitting in the industrial sector. 
  • It is easy for end consumers to open. The design of RETT boxes makes it easy for consumers to open the package. They do not need special cutters or tools. 

Application of RETT Boxes

RETT boxes can be used as containers for many non-shipping transport and delivery applications, such as: 

  • Pizza boxes for pizza restaurants
  • Pastry packaging for bakeries 
  • Sales kit containers 
  • Shelf storage containers

Why Partner With Imperial Paper for Your RETT Box Needs?

Looking for custom RETT boxes for your product packaging project? Imperial Paper has got you covered! Equipped with over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing corrugated packaging and other packaging solutions, we have what it takes to create high-quality boxes tailored to your unique packaging specifications and brand aesthetics. They can keep your products safely housed while distinguishing them from the competition. 

In addition to RETT boxes, we offer a broad selection of other corrugated products, including slotted boxes, telescoping boxes, folders, rigid boxes, self-erecting boxes, interior forms, and bulk bins, to suit different packaging needs. 

Get Started on Your Custom RETT Box Solution Today

To learn more about our RETT boxes and how they can benefit your company and products, contact us today. To discuss your packaging specifications with one of our experts, request a quote.

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