Understanding Regular Slotted Container (RSC) Boxes

At Imperial Paper, we specialize in the design and manufacture of custom packaging and promotional products. Equipped with extensive experience and state-of-the-art design and fabrication technologies, we can create high-quality solutions for a variety of packaging and promotional needs at highly competitive prices. One of our core product offerings is regular slotted container (RSC) boxes.  

What Are Regular Slotted Containers?

RSC boxes are some of the most commonly used types of cardboard boxes. They can be utilized to package, ship, and store most products since they are available in numerous sizes.

These boxes feature four flaps; typically, the width-wise flaps are shorter than one-half of the box width, and the length-wise flaps are one-half of the box length. This design allows the latter to meet at the center when folded so the top and bottom can be sealed with tape, glue, or staples. If the packaged product needs a flat and even bottom surface or a stronger bottom layer, a fill-in pad can be used to fill in the space between the two inner flaps.

RSC Boxes vs. FOL Boxes?

One of the main alternatives to RSC boxes is FOL boxes. FOL boxes—i.e., full overlap boxes—have flaps that extend across the entire box opening such that the flaps overlap. While they can have only two overlapping flaps (typically the length-wise flaps), they typically have all four flaps overlapping.

Given the differences in design, RSC boxes and FOL boxes offer unique advantages and disadvantages that make them suitable for different packaging, shipping, and storage applications. For example:

  • RSC boxes have a more efficient design since they use less material. As a result, they typically cost less than FOL boxes, making them ideal for packaging applications where low cost and waste are critical. However, this also means they are less strong and durable, which makes them unsuitable for packaging products that are fragile or heavy.
  • FOL boxes use more material than RSC boxes, which means they generally have higher purchasing costs and produce greater waste when they’re thrown out. However, they also offer easier closing and sealing requirements and better structural strength, making them better suited for products that need strong packaging during transport.

Imperial Paper: Your Partner for High-Quality Custom RSC Boxes

Regular slotted containers are a suitable packaging solution for a wide range of products. The simple and efficient design makes them a cost-effective and eco-friendly option for customers looking to store and/or ship their products.

Looking for custom RSC boxes for your product packaging operations? Turn to the experts at Imperial Paper! We can customize your boxes to meet your packaging specifications and brand aesthetics, ensuring your products remain safe and sound while standing out from the competition.

To learn more about our RSC boxes or other packaging solutions and how they can benefit your company and products, contact us today. To discuss your packaging requirements with one of our experts, request a quote.

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