Packaged Storopads for Electronic Industry

Data Exchange, an electronics repair company that services warranty repairs for several large electronics manufacturers, was running into excessive damage to electronic components shipped to consumers. They needed help, so they reached out to Imperial Paper Company for a solution. In a dramatic turnaround, Imperial Paper Company was able to eliminate damage rates and reduce the packaging costs.

Upon analyzing the shipping situation, Imperial Paper discovered the electronic parts were being shipped in bulky foam end caps, which are specific to only a few products. Since Data Exchange frequently services fragile and sensitive electronics, Imperial Paper recommended a single protective product that works for a wide range of items and cushions package contents in drop tests.

Using Storopads for the top, side, and bottom layers, Imperial was able to design a packaging scheme that substantially reduced – and in some cases completely eliminated – shipping damage to electronic parts in drop tests. Additionally, the Storopad packaging scheme drastically decreased the SKU count from 45 to five. The final analysis showed a 26% decrease in damage rates (from 26% to 0%), in addition to a 55% decrease in packaging cost. Imperial’s ability to deliver Storopads for further shipping on a daily basis also freed up tens of thousands of square footage in Data Exchange’s storage facility.

Delivering unique solutions for unique – and sometimes expensive – problems is a way of life for Imperial Paper Company. Contact us to find out how we can uniquely reduce your costs!

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