Packaged Lipsticks for Cosmetic Industry

When a contract manufacturer of cosmetics was on the verge of losing one of their largest customers – Revlon, Imperial Paper Company came to the rescue. To ensure success and save the client, Imperial had to devise a plan to manufacture a tremendous volume of intricate folding cartons within just one week.

Six weeks before the contract cosmetics manufacturer reached out to Imperial Paper, they had been awarded this lucrative contract by Revlon to manufacture lipsticks. Revlon’s order came with strict specifications for the lipstick packaging as well as a deadline for delivery of the lipsticks. The initial test order alone was for a whopping two million units, with the hopes that this could grow into a lucrative long-term relationship if the initial order was successfully fulfilled.

The lipstick manufacturer immediately turned to two different packaging companies that promised they could provide the intricate boxes, but were unable to glue them to spec. The lipstick manufacturer then brought the project to Imperial Paper Company, informing Imperial that the manufacturer was down to one week left to meet their deadline on delivery of the boxes. Imperial realized the dire straits in which the lipstick manufacturer found themselves and knew that there were no margins for error.

Imperial Paper rapidly manufactured a custom die and planned a test run of only 100 lipstick cartons, at no charge to their new customer. Recognizing the difficulty of the gluing, Imperial was confident that their equipment and expertise could handle the task, but a test run ensured that they would not jeopardize their new customer’s growing relationship with Revlon.

Following a flawless test run, Imperial instantly accepted and planned for the full order of 2,000,000 lipstick cartons, which were all delivered on time and up to spec. Since then, Imperial has been delivering these same lipstick cartons to their contact manufacturer customer every month, still on time, always on spec. The cartons became such a success that Revlon began exporting them to Europe.

Imperial Paper Company’s ability to move quickly to help a new customer solve a crisis and meet tight deadlines has made them a long-term customer, and an indispensable part of the Revlon’s supply chain. Contact Imperial Paper to find out how we can help solve your packaging problems today.

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