A List of Essential Packaging Supplies in Los Angeles, CA

Some businesses are familiar with shipping bags and padded mailers used to send products to customers, while people moving to new places need moving boxes and lots of packing tape. No matter what you need packing materials for, the goal is to safely transport items of various sizes from one location to another.

Are you moving to a new house? Leasing a new office building across town? Sending products to your customers? Ultimately, the important thing is to pack items properly and use the right materials. Below is a list of essential packaging supplies in Los Angeles, CA:

  • Packing paper: If you remember at least one time when you used newspaper to pack up everything from toys to ceramic dishes and drinking glasses, you’re not alone. While newspaper is an inexpensive packing material, it’s not the best option for all items—especially purchased products being shipped to customers. The black ink transfers easily to surfaces on plates, cups, fabric, metals and more, causing them to stain permanently. The solution? A dye-free packing paper that wraps securely around your items, sealed together with packing tape.
  • Bubble wrap: Another popular, easy-to-use packing material is bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is great at protecting valuables and fragile items, but make sure the bubble wrap or roll is flat before placing items in the middle one at a time and wrapping them. Seal with packing tape prior to packing items away into boxes.
  • Packing peanuts: If you are worried your possessions or products will get tossed around in transit, fill the boxes with packing peanuts. Peanuts offer extra security and cushioning and act as a barrier around your items. Take care while unpacking to avoid a huge packing peanuts mess!
  • Packing foam: Another fantastic packing material is packing foam, which can protect breakable items like ceramics and glass. Because it is lighter than bubble wrap, you might need to wrap items with the foam several times. Use towels or clothing for extra padding.
  • Sized boxes: Be sure to pick up a variety of boxes. When you use the right size box, it reduces the space around each item to protect your belongings from breakage or damage. In general, small boxes are suitable for DVDs, kitchen utensils, stationery, glassware and other fragile items. Small to medium sized boxes are more suitable for heavier groups of things—like books, electronics and ceramic dishes—because putting them into one large box can cause a weight and bulk issue.
  • Tape, Sharpies and labels: Don’t forget these small, yet useful packing essentials! We’re talking box cutters, scissors, Sharpies, tape and labels, all of which help you conquer the packing process. Proper packing tape secures moving boxes, while box cutters get you back into your boxes. Take your Sharpie and label everything—otherwise, you are going to have a much more challenging time finding what you need after a move.

If you need to pick up an assortment of packaging supplies in Los Angeles, CA, come to Imperial Paper Co. We have everything you will need to ensure a successful move or shipment!

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