Common Corrugated Box Style: RSC

Cardboard boxes are exceptionally versatile, easy-to-manufacture tools used by professionals and consumers across a variety of industries. While cardboard boxes are available in a number of interesting styles and construction types, the most commonly manufactured and used type of cardboard box is the regularly slotted container (RSC). This durable, versatile box offers a number of benefits, including the following:

Easy to manufacture: RSC boxes are made using just a few simple cuts and folds. Because of this, they’re exceptionally easy and cost-effective to manufacture. Additionally, there’s no waste created during the production of RSC boxes, thanks to their carefully crafted design.

Easy to use: Boxes made using the RSC style are easy to assemble and use. Thanks to their single-piece construction, it’s nearly impossible to assemble an RSC box incorrectly. Also, they’re known for their strength and durability, even when used to carry large amounts of materials.

Versatile: Compared with other types of boxes that are designed to hold a single niche item, the RSC box style is capable of holding virtually any cargo that you may need to transport. There are few things easier than using an RSC box to carry your goods across town or across the country.

Exceptionally scalable: Using the same production methods and materials, it’s possible to scale up the size of the RSC goods that you’re manufacturing with ease. In fact, it’s extremely easy to create large, high-quality boxes that are of consistent shape and durability with smaller pieces.

There are a number of ways that you can use corrugated boxes in Los Angeles, CA after they’ve served their intended purpose. One of the primary benefits of the RSC box style is its durability; this means that you can continue making use of your box long after you’ve used it to ferry your goods from place to place. Here are some creative ways that you can use your custom packaging in Los Angeles, CA:

Paint shield: If you’re planning any painting projects at your company in the near future, hold on to those used boxes! They make excellent, cost-effective paint shields. The corrugated nature of the boxes prevents leakage.

Desk organizer: Smaller boxes make excellent desk organizers. You can use them to hold pens, papers and more. Try placing a larger box directly under your desk to hold items you don’t use on a daily basis.

Compost: If you run a restaurant or bakery, there’s nothing better than sourcing your own homegrown herbs and vegetables. Get a head start on your company’s garden by composting old, worn-down boxes.

Imperial Paper Co. is a trusted North Hollywood company offering a wide range of custom packaging solutions, including corrugated boxes in Los Angeles, CA. We’re proud to provide our local business community with quality, workable packaging and moving supplies. Our store specializes in creating custom packaging solutions, including RSC boxes. Be sure to reach out to one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives today to learn more about our full range of products and services.

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