Selecting Box Dividers & Partitions for Custom Subscription Packaging

Many subscription boxes come with dividers that protect and organize items within a single package. Box dividers are especially important when shipping fragile items, as the partitions can prevent the goods from scratching one another or breaking. Additionally, box partitions help to maximize available space by allowing multiple products to be shipped in the same package. Your custom subscription service requires custom box partitions designed specifically for your unique products. We’ll discuss the different factors that go into selecting box dividers and partitions, including their materials and respective benefits.

Box Divider Materials

Box Dividers - ChipboardCardboard box partitions must be strong enough to retain their shape even outside a box. These are the most common packaging partition materials that meet this structural requirement:

  • Corrugated cardboard dividers: These partitions consist of fluted material adhered between two fiberboard panels. This durable structure adds extra cushioning and protection to any custom subscription box packaging.  Corrugated partitions are generally shipped unassembled.
  • Paperboard dividers: These dividers are usually thinner because they lack a corrugated layer, so paperboard partitions are ideal for separating lightweight products in a box.  Paperboard or chipboard partitions are shipped assembled so no assembly is required.
Selecting Box Dividers & Partitions for Custom Subscription Packaging

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Benefits of Box Dividers

Box dividers play a huge role in shipping—they are highly versatile and customizable not just for protecting and separating items within a box. Here are the benefits of using box partitions: 

  • Protection: Cardboard box dividers prevent products from moving around during shipping, preventing fragile products from hitting one another and causing cracks.
  • Prevention of leaks: Packaging partitions reduce the risk of products turning upside down, which is especially important when transporting liquids that can leak or spill when overturned. 
  • Assistance with inventory: For managing inventory, box partitions provide an easy and consistent way to ensure each box contains the exact amount printed on the outer part of the box.
  • Structural integrity: Packaging dividers improve the individual integrity of the box as well as the stacking strength of multiple boxes during storage and transit.
  • Customizability: They are highly customizable, allowing you to change the box divider depending on the shape and size of your products. Popular options include chipboard inserts, box inserts, and corrugated inserts.

Custom Box Dividers & Partitions from Imperial Paper

At Imperial Paper, our mission is to provide high-quality packaging products and services through fair and ethical business practices. We have nearly 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing premium chipboard and corrugated packaging products, which makes us confident we can cater to your specific needs. Using the latest technology, we also offer custom subscription box packaging services. Contact us or request a quote today to learn more about our products and services.

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