Custom Subscription Packaging

The Importance of Subscription Packaging

Custom subscription packaging is an ideal way to elevate a product or brand and connect on a more personal level with your customers. Attractive, high-quality packaging ensures that subscribers will have an excellent first impression of the brand before they even open the box. Whether you are working to gain new subscribers or retain the ones you already have, well-designed custom subscription packaging is an invaluable tool.

Considerations for Custom Subscription Packaging

Crafting eye-catching customized packaging solutions is a creative process that can work wonders in bringing a subscription box to life and making it stand out against its competitors. For the best results, experienced printers and designers will take four main factors into account:

  • Logos and Photos
  • Colors
  • Dielines
  • Vectors
Folding - Other Styles

Logos and Photos

Custom packaging enables the use of logos and other imagery that is unique to your brand, helping to increase brand recognition and loyalty. Personalized drawings, patterns, logos, and photos can all be added to this packaging.


Nothing makes packaging stand out more than attractive, memorable colors. Many customers can recognize a brand quickly based on the colors it typically uses, making this an important step in creating a subscription box that will appeal to its target audience. A brand may also choose to alter its normal colors to create a specific look for an event or holiday.


For designers and printers, dielines enable them to appropriately position the artwork on the box before it is printed. These 2D templates act as a simplified representation of the final product, and indicate where the cuts and creases should be. In addition to ensuring proper artwork placement, dielines show printers exactly where the packaging should be glued.


Vector graphics are another way to elevate the appearance of custom subscription packaging. This type of image ensures that the design prints clearly and stands out on the box.

Most Commonly Used Style for Subscription Packaging

Roll End Tuck Top

Custom printed roll end tuck top boxes are a commonly used type of subscription packaging.  They open from the top like a chest. This design is perfect when used as kit boxes, or when you want to present your products well and make them accessible. These folding boxes work well by themselves, or they can be customized with specialized compartments to keep items separated.

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Our decades of experience in printing, package engineering, graphic design, and sales make us well-suited for the creation of custom subscription packaging. We offer competitive pricing and a high-quality product line. To learn more about our capabilities or to begin designing your custom subscription packaging, contact us today.

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