Custom Corrugated Packaging Material Manufacturing Services

Imperial Paper Company has become an industry leader for, among other reasons, our ability to design, engineer, and manufacture custom corrugated packaging. We carefully blend these skills with the hands-on customer service that can only come from a family owned and operated manufacturer.

Using CAD tools, Imperial Paper starts with a concept and takes it to a finished product. First, we consider the product to be contained in the package, along with the necessary protection and presentation. This is followed by a firm understanding of the packaging purpose – shipping, storage, display, and so on – and we also account for the use of automated carton erectors and material handling equipment on the corrugated packaging. We also consider the labor costs for assembly, what brand enhancement the packaging will serve, regulations (such as hazardous materials), the production timeline, the cost constraints, and the big box store requirements (such as Walmart, Costco, BJs, etc.). All of these additional details are incorporated into the design and manufacturing process.

Imperial Paper utilizes a wide range of fluted materials. We work with single wall corrugated A, B, and C flutes; all combinations of double and triple walls; and E, F, and G micro flutes. This fluting is compatible with laminated boxes, display packaging, partitions, trays, and waxed cartons, which can also receive moisture resistance and anti-slip coatings. As for applying instructions or graphics, we use flexographic, offset, high-res, and digital printing.

Imperial Paper doesn’t have volume limitations. We can print anything from a prototype to low volume short turns to high volume truck load production runs of corrugated packaging. Our flexibility is derived from owning and staffing our own trucking fleet, as well as Just in Time delivery services, vendor managed inventory, warehousing, and distribution.

When you need custom corrugated packaging for your products, go to the one place you know can provide all the services you need. Contact Imperial Paper today or review the following table for further information.

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