Retail Bags

Retail shopping bags come in a wide range of styles, materials, and thicknesses. Apparel bags for formalwear, grocery bags, and reusable shopping bags all have different specifications to best fulfill their purpose. High-quality, functional shopping bags aren’t just essential for helping shoppers carry goods from the store to their cars or their homes, but they’re also an essential part of the brand experience. Learn more about the different characteristics and capabilities of retail bags. 

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What Are Retail Bags?

Retail bags are designed to safely and securely hold purchases while allowing shoppers to conveniently carry the bags. Consider these functions and characteristics of high-quality retail bags:

  • Durability: Retail bags need to be strong enough to carry a reasonable weight and offer some resistance to punctures and tears if the contents have sharp edges.
  • Comfort: Retail bags need to have comfortable handles so shoppers can carry multiple bags without being awkward or uncomfortable to handle.
  • Appearance: Many retailers brand their shopping bags, especially if they’re a well-known consumer brand. This provides additional marketing opportunities and keeps the brand top-of-mind. Some retailers may simply want their name and logo printed on the bag, while others create signature bags with unique construction and finishes.

In today’s market, retailers often need to offer a wide range of bag options in different sizes to contain regular and oversized goods or different materials to meet the eco-friendly expectations of shoppers.

Types of Retail Bags From Imperial Paper

At Imperial Paper, we specialize in manufacturing retail bags that meet the needs of modern retailers and consumers. We offer two core types of retail bags: high-density poly bags and handle shopping bags.

1. Paper Handle Shopping Bags

Paper Handle shopping bags have a more complex design that helps a brand stand out. They have a boxy profile and are constructed from heavy-duty paper materials with twisted paper handles. These bags can feature a wide range of colors, graphics, and printed designs. 

2. High-Density Polyethylene

High-density polyethylene is a popular material for plastic bags. The material is soft and flexible while providing good durability and strength. The material is available in different thicknesses and colors so retailers can choose the best fit their brand and shoppers’ needs. These bags are constructed from one or two pieces of high-density poly that are joined together along a bottom and top seam. The handles are a seamless part of the piece. 


Some common applications for retail bags include:

Handle Shopping Bags

Handle shopping bags can be used for more heavy-duty applications and are often more visually appealing, making them a more attractive option for consumer reuse. Shoppers may reuse handle shopping bags for holding lunches, gym clothes, and even their next shopping trip. 

Because so many consumers reuse retail bags, having an aesthetically pleasing design and choosing hardy materials will go a long way to improve your brand’s impression.

High-Density Poly

Consumers frequently reuse high-quality, high-density poly bags, using them as trash can liners, spare trash bags in vehicles, stuffing homemade crafts, storing laundry, and more. 


The capabilities of Imperial Paper’s retail bags include:

Handle Shopping Bags

These bags offer both carrying capabilities and branding real estate to improve customer experience. Handle shopping bags have eco-friendly capabilities depending on the material used. Many papers used in their construction are 100% biodegradable.

High-Density Poly

The plastic material is water- and chemical-resistant, so these retail bags can be used for moisture-producing products, like milk jugs with condensation. The material can also hold cold and reasonably hot products, cloth goods, and general-purpose goods that aren’t too heavy or sharp.

Retail Bags From Imperial Paper

At Imperial Paper, we can create high-quality high-density polyethylene, Kraft paper handle shopping bags, and custom folding cartons to fit the needs of your business. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities or request a quote to start your order.