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Are you looking to give your employees a one-of-a-kind experience on their birthdays? Do you want to throw an unforgettable hire day anniversary? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s a corporate training event, a trade show, or a school gaming event, then our custom prize wheel is perfect for you. 

Our wheels will give you a mix of fun, entertainment,  and quality prizes. Our wheels are also one of the best custom-made prize wheels you can find since they are easy to customize. 

You will have the free hand to customize and design your wheels to your preferences. A major benefit is, you get to work with our skilled graphic designers and choose the hues, amount of sections, and designs you want for your wheel. 

Since one wheel size cannot possibly suffice, we have an interesting range of sizes for our game wheels. From the 18-inch custom prize wheel to the 96 inches, we have prize wheels for sale that will give you utmost satisfaction. 

Still in doubt? Here’s a quick look at our wheel styles and why purchasing from us is a step in the right direction: 

The Custom Permanent Graphics Prize Wheel 

The Custom Permanent Graphics Prize Wheel offers you the freedom to design and customize the prize wheel to your specifications. You also get to have custom digitally printed graphics laminated and attached to the surface of the wheel. 

Also, you get to work with our skilled graphic designers and select how many sections you want along with the prints and colors. Additionally, this prize wheel is the most affordable you can find. 

The Custom Removable Magnetic Graphics Prize Wheel 

With this custom prize wheel, you get to customize the prize wheel to your preferences with the option to alter changes in the future. You also get to work hand in hand with our graphic designers, so each section you choose will be customized to your taste.

The sections are separate magnetic pieces, and you have the freedom to get more magnetic pieces in the future to make changes to your prizes if necessary. 

Additionally, the prizes are magnetic and they come with a black or white vinyl layer along with a magnetic logo at the center. The custom wheels are also commercial grade and they come with a 5-year guarantee. 

The Custom Insert Your Own Prize Wheel 

If you want to change your prizes on the prize wheel whenever you feel like it, then the Custom Insert Your Own Prize Wheel is the best for you. They are full-on magnetic and come with a dry-erase vinyl layer, so you can write in your prizes with dry-erase markers. 

This wheel also has a magnetic logo at the center, and if need be, you can get an upgrade to a stationary logo plate. Like other prize wheels, you get to work with our designers and choose your desired number of sections. Note that each section has die-cut holes in the center where you can fix your paper prizes whenever you want. 

The Functionality of Our Custom Prize Wheel 

  • Our custom prize wheel aids decision-making. You don’t have to crack your head trying to settle on what to eat, where to go for a hangout, or what movies to watch. 
  • Besides spinning the wheel for prizes, you get to use it as a tool. You can use it to get work done on your to-do list or let it tell your fortune and that of others. For example, Tarot Wheel, Magic 8-ball, Yes-Or-No are great for telling fortunes. 
  • With our prize wheels online, businesses get to incorporate giveaways, promotions, and health content in their schedule. You also get to use them during conferences, presentations, and volunteering processes. 
  • You also get to use our custom prize wheel in the educational sector, especially during a classroom activity. You can spin wheels of topics, quiz questions, and more. Additionally, teachers can use the wheels to assign project groups, teams, or individuals to carry out tasks. 

Custom prize wheels are the best for you if you’re looking to have a fun, breezy time at home or work. You only have to contact us today and be a part of our many satisfied customers!

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Custom Prize Wheel

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