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Tips for Making Your Packaging Lighter

February 18, 2020

Anyone who’s ever had to ship a package knows that there is one constant rule: every ounce matters. That’s because every extra bit of weight you add to whatever you happen to be sending means another few cents added to the cost of shipping, and that extra money can add up before you know it. Even worse, heavy boxes are cumbersome to carry or handle. That may make it a hassle for mail carriers and recipients alike.

As a result, whether you’re sending a care package to a college student or you’re delivering your latest round of products to an eager customer base, it’s essential to make sure that your packages weigh as little as possible. To that end, here are some tips on how to make packaging lighter in Los Angeles, CA.

Invest in lightweight padding

Whether or not the contents of your package are considered fragile or not, you’ll still need to make sure they’re padded for their journey. The specific type of insulation you use, however, can add a lot of unnecessary weight to your overall parcel. No matter how big or small your package is, the right kind of lightweight padding (like bubble wrap) can be a massive cost saver.

Use customized packaging

If your needs are business-related, custom packaging can be a great strategy when you’re planning how to make a parcel lightweight in Los Angeles, CA. Customized packaging also helps reduce the overall size of your box, lowering the weight and reducing shipping costs. Not only will it make your overall parcel a little lighter, but customized packaging can also leave a lasting impression with clients, making them more inclined to repurchase or recommend your product to a friend.

Send out more boxes

If you find yourself sending out a continuous stream of packages, it may be worth your time to break down a larger container into two or more smaller parcels. Some shippers will even offer a discount for clients who ship several packages at once. The cumulative reduction in materials you use and the reduction in shipping costs could mark a substantial improvement to your bottom line.

California’s packaging pros

No matter if your needs are residential or commercial, Imperial Paper Co. is here to help. When you want to know how to make packaging lighter in Los Angeles, CA, we’re the pros who can help make it happen. We can help you find the perfect materials for a one-off package sent through the mail, or we can help budding entrepreneurs design a packaging strategy that incorporates a unique design and saves money over the long term.

For more than 35 years, Imperial Paper Co. has set the standard when it comes to all things paper. From traditional paper supplies to facial tissues to paper towels, our original offerings will knock your socks off. We also have a full assortment of packaging products to ensure that your parcel gets where it’s going, every single time.

Give Imperial Paper Co. a call or stop by today and let us introduce you to the wide, wonderful world of paper.

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